Is This Book About Religion?

Organized religion: NO. If it accidentally supports something people in organized religion believe in, it wasn’t my intention.

Individual spiritual nature: YES.

10989522_1408488686122756_641629491098718896_nI’ve been a member of organized religion. I spent over 2 decades neutralizing all of the conditioning and programming of the religion. Since then I’ve explored life free of religion and my back side has gotten smaller and smaller in the eyes of those who say something about being the only way…about anything. My eyes go glossy and roll back in my head when someone tries to tell me something about their religion. My hands don’t know how to hold religious literature.

Most of the people I’ve been related to or known who are into organized religion might be really worked up and make a fuss about why my book doesn’t measure up to their basic assumptions. For a long time I resisted publishing this book based on my experiences with people in organized religion. I like living below their radar.

However there’s a trade-off involved. I have to risk those who will object to what I am saying. I have to risk so I can find my tribe, those I can have a delightful time expanding with.

Everyone has their own religion. Even if they’re following organized religion.

The Gods Must Be Us speaks to our inner knowing, the knowing we have without knowledge.

Knowledge is borrowed. Knowledge isn’t ours even if we’re in possession of it and living by it. We’re conditioned with it, we’re programmed with it, and it becomes the default information from which we distort new information. Even worse knowledge usually invalidates our own inner knowing, particularly if knowledge is disguised as spiritual or religious. But our own inner knowing is still there.

The Gods Must Be Us is a journey of inner knowing. In this book, I reveal some of my inner knowing in hopes it will resonate with yours.