Last weekend Lark and I attended a conference in Springdale, AK, USA by Ozark Research Institute on Dowsing and Healing. I thought I was out on the edge. I was shy to declare who I am and what I am about. There were a lot of take aways…lessons from attending.

One of the speakers’ bio stated she was a medic on board a starship. Someone mentioned being bi-located as two physical bodies. People were talking about things strange to me so matter-of-fact, what I am shy to declare is not such a big deal.

I pondered the possibilities, the different dimensions in which “things” may be going on that I don’t participate in. I pondered my programming/conditioning that defines what can and cannot be for me. I pondered whether this means anything at all about possibilities that are outside the egg shell of my ideas of what is “going on.”

As a healer, I know some things that work reliably for me. I have had training I have not continued to practice and fell back to what is familiar and seems to be “my way” of healing. Is it the correct way or only way? Something in me wants to judge everything based on the universe as I believe it to be.

In “The Gods Must Be Us” Gaia tells Teuton:

“I understand you want to know truth. But you cannot know truth while holding so much that isn’t truth. Your non-truth stops you from learning truth because you judge new information by whether it agrees with the non-truth you’re holding.”

As I talk with other authors, we expose ourselves, become vulnerable, and open ourselves to others observing our levels of integrity. As I ponder whether I will listen to and accept the possibilities of truths others tell about, I know I have written about something I have to stand in integrity about. I have to consider my allegiance to the walls of my limits, of what I will judge as nonsense. Will I relax into allowing realities others tell about to be possible even if not yet in my experiences?

The next core principle after commitment that engages us in transformation, is to expand consciousness of what we think, what we feel, and what the assumptions are we judge new information with.

It is what cracks us open. No one else can crack the shell around us, forcing us to hatch, giving birth to us. Whoever hatches from an egg, gives birth to themselves. Breaking the walls of limitations, however safe and secure they may seem. As we hatch ourselves a whole new world of possibilities exist. Do we keep comparing and judging everything outside the egg shell with what we knew inside the egg shell?

What do you think? Am I speaking of information and possibilities outside the egg of what you consider possible and not possible? Am I one of your peeps, one of your tribe?