The moment of shift when things change is the moment of commitment. I want to share with you Teuton’s moment of commitment from my book “The Gods Must Be Us, When Fiction Becomes a Miracle.”


There was something about Gaia’s attitude that challenged Teuton to prove her wrong. After all, she’d made him feel uncomfortable about his private sexual thoughts that weren’t private with her at all. Yet she was his lover. He was getting nowhere with making up his mind. As he suspected, Sequoia arrived before he was finished.

“Make your commitment right now,” she demanded. “What does your gut tell you?

He was stunned. He hadn’t seen her approaching. His decision process froze. His gut seemed to reverberate up into his throat and out his mouth with a “Yes.” He was surprised.

“Yes what?” Sequoia asked, keeping it up. “I want to stay here.”

“Stay here and be part of the most amazing opportunity you’ve ever had?”

“Yes, that,” he muttered.

“Jump, you idiot! Be total. You sound like you’re resigned to go along with something.”

Sequoia’s voice grew louder.

“Is this how you go through life, going along, never taking the leap or being total? No one here is less than total. This is no place for hesitation. You must want it enough to totally give yourself, to give up who you think you are to find who is under the mess you appear as; if you want all you can have of life, where is the resignation into that weak, silly-ass yes coming from? That’s not enough yes for me. I want the yes you’re willing to die for. And you will do exactly that here. You’ll die as a caterpillar and emerge as a butterfly. I want to hear you’re willing to die with the hope of becoming a butterfly, even if something goes wrong and you don’t become a butterfly. The only guarantee is you will die as you are. Will you say yes to your death?”

Teuton had never been so intimidated by a woman. His thoughts raced, with adrenaline fueling them. Am I really that weak? he thought. Why is she so hard on me? I thought she was on my side. How am I going to survive this bitch? If I say no, what will she do?

He felt small and inadequate. F*** my list. I can’t remember it anyway. Is this what I didn’t get at boot camp? Bet the guys didn’t even see a woman in boot camp. Who ever heard of a boot camp with everybody passing each other around for a quickie, like this place? Nobody would ever believe this! What is my life about? How many suicidal thoughts have I had? Can the bitch read my mind?

“Yes,” Sequoia said out loud.

“No!” he shouted back at her. “No, no, no, no, no! I can’t stand my life as it is. No, I can’t think of continuing the way I have been going. No to everything I think is important at home. No to my religion. No to my family. No to being afraid to live. No to avoiding taking a stand for myself. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I want to develop all the competencies. Yes, I want to stay here and die as who I am. Yes, I accept the challenge to all I can be. Yes, you’ve got to give all you’ve got with the most difficult a**h*** who ever walked your island. Yes, I will trust you, Sequoia.”

He could hardly believe what he heard his own voice saying. Somewhere in him was what earnestly asked to know the truth, and it had taken over.


I’ve promise to reveal to you, step-by-step, the passwords to how to engage with miracles. This is the first in the series.

What have you committed to? How do you know you’ve committed?