There’s a lie that’s been circulating around that it takes great people to have great moments. I’ve had some great moments and I am more surprised than anyone.

One morning my wife and I were fighting. I went off to work in a low and angry state. I hadn’t been in the office more than 5 minutes when I got a call from a friend. Her husband was in the emergency room from an accident. Would I please go over and “give him a blessing.”

ER Room1It was weird coming into the ER and finding Jim in a curtained off area not receiving attention and the staff giving someone on the other side of the curtain their attention. I thought Jim wasn’t hurt too badly. They hadn’t even started an intravenous drip. So I did the laying-on-of-hands thing pronouncing what I felt inspired to say. I was to learn they’d left Jim to die and his life threatening injuries were healed immediately. It was undoubtedly a miracle.

My life has been a mess. However there have been those moments that seem out of coherence with my life in which I did something brilliant.

I have learned a few things from living. Mostly I have learned when I think I know, I don’t. The other side of that is that when I think I don’t know, I do. There’s something about stepping out of my personality so my authentic and amazing self is enabled to do something exceptional. Then my ego self regains composure returning to the familiar self that can mess up regularly.

My way is to coach development of experience of beingĀ in those states where we do the exceptional just long enough, before our ego re-groups and returns us to the regular person no one believes could possibly do something exceptional. That is what learning to “do” energy work is about, not learning and practicing until becoming perfect then stepping into real life with it. No. I know different. It is about knowing what it is to go to an exceptional state of being. The practice is about letting go of the messy self and accessing the higher, more authentic, remembering oneness, empowered, resourceful…in short the traits we don’t show up with consistently.

I am quite sure nobody becomes a great person, we just increase showing up with setting our usual selves aside while we do what works well. That is all I have ever done.

The worst thing that can happen to people who have great moments is to believe those who declare us great and put us on pedestals where we’re prisoners of their making. There’s freedom in being a regular person who shows up brilliantly at times. The great person thing is unreal. There are only great moments. Some people practice having them more often because they learn to set themselves aside.