The pattern of energy intensity the tsunami was expected to spread in

This Wednesday marks the 4th anniversary of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake 81 miles off the Coast of Sendai, Japan, that sent a series of waves plowing into Japan’s Eastern coastline. A 9.6 meter (near 30) feet tsunami proof retaining wall did not save a fishing village from decimation. Warnings were sent to countries in the entire Pacific including Chile. A map was made of the times the shock wave would hit coastlines traveling at over 500 miles an hour. The 4th largest earthquake in recorded history was predicted to send the ocean completely over low lying islands, devastating coastlines in its path.

Japan’s coastlines were devastated.

First and foremost let our hearts merge with hearts in Japan who are recovering, having lost loved ones and more. Let’s take a few moments to ponder what it continues to be like in their earthquake prone country where any moment it could happen again or worse.

26 December 2004 a 9.1 earthquake off Sumatra claimed 230,000 lives in 14 Countries from Africa to Southeast Asia. It was the third largest quake ever recorded.

As I near the 4th anniversary of something that brought me into involvement with the tsunami that struck Japan that day, I am finally able to reverse engineer the pieces that came together at a moment that has changed my life even though I was safe in Nashville, TN, while death and destruction advanced on Japan.

The account is told in the Preface of The Gods Must Be Us, When Fiction Becomes a Miracle. Fiction is the backstory to a miracle, at least the high probability the energy of the tsunami relaxed and dissipated.

I haven’t heard of a preface to a fictional story but the content editor advised me to put the story in the front of the book as the preface. I’d hidden it just after the section of the book that was the back-story to the real life event. In that way the book is both a fiction and an account of real-life involvement in the tsunami.

The fictional story is the back story. Why? Because I’d just finished writing an imaginative account of the characters discovering they could change another form of energy threatening their very existence. Through several years of study I knew the pieces but they didn’t come together as far as they did when I was writing what I thought was fictional possibilities just two days before the earthquakes and tsunami.

What happened to the energy of the tsunami. For the rest of the Pacific it was an un-happening, yet had sound scientific research predicting what it would do, and when it would do it.

Could it be possible if someone knew the tsunami to be an act of energy, divine human abilities were empowered? Is it possible when someone knows an observer engages with energy, energy is an accomplice of human intention, and thus they could re-direct energy? Is it possible someone could, for a few moments set all their foibles and all that is counterproductive aside for the need of the moment? Is it possible someone could un-morph to Oneness origin and cause energy of a tsunami to relax and dissipate?

If one person wasn’t in fear. If one person didn’t believe it was an act of god. If one person didn’t think to appeal to anything anthropomorphic. If one person knows there is no degree of difficulty with miracles*. If one person could engage unseen helpers with the same interest to help, is it possible one human being or many with the same understanding, was able to change the outcome of the second most powerful tsunami in our lifetimes?

I am prepared to teach a theory of what happened to the tsunami after it hit Japan. I believe it is possible to coach people to develop the understanding they need to change the course of natural disasters. Perhaps enough people world-wide can be oriented to be empowered to act to reduce or completely relax and dissipate the energy of a tsunami coming their way with only minutes of warning, so it can’t happen again.

I think it is worth trying. Isn’t it worth the education and personal transformation it might take to be a resource to change us from victims of circumstance to being creators of circumstance?

My search for how to help others with what happened 11 March is one of visiting many possible answers until I have reverse engineered, and realized pieces were coming together. In crucial moments I was a creator of circumstance, perhaps joining others, perhaps alone. I see how the mystical and scientific meet.

If it is about me, it is about everyone else too. I don’t have special powers others do not. I’m not a special person others are not. I just had to experiment with information to see if it was valid or not, so I had practiced on a smaller scale what would come together on that day. I remember more of who we are now. I want to coach all who will “give it a try” as I have, until it is included in their reality too.

*A Course in Miracles

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