Do the characters in The Gods Must Be Us live in miracles or do they live in possibilities?

Possibilities are door openers. When we walk through the doors of possibilities we cannot turn back. Once we put possibilities into action, transposing them into what is, our lives are re-defined. Possibilities are reality changers.

This is why fiction often redefines how we live. It may be one person, it may be whole societies who “get it” with the possibilities that come to life in stories. When we conceive of someone doing something different from life as we know it, it becomes more real that we can do it also. This is the power and magic of fiction.

The Gods Must Be Us was fascinating for me to write. I’d have some ideas, some possibilities, and I’d get to my computer to see where they would go. Often I would forget the original direction I was having thoughts about. Something would be expressing from the knowingness of my heart I would just flow with. In different ways, in different forms, through different characters or describing different principles my heart would speak what I didn’t know, yet did know.

I know my heart knows even if it is inconceivable to my mind. Exciting possibilities happen. More often, I trust my heart. Through my heart, I access the wisdom, the knowledge, the muse of Oneness.

Oneness itself is in constant expansion. Each of its individual aspects are exploring nuances of infinite possibilities. Oneness craves exploration of possibilities. Once I began to be aware Oneness is a good description of the larger me expressing in creativity, even more possibilities show up.

There is a fundamental un-truth popularly stated as an axiom that opportunity only knocks once. The statement that opportunity only knocks once is one of those bandit beliefs that steal life, leaving people dead to their possibilities.

My experience is opportunity, or possibilities, keep on knocking, keep building bridges, and find ways to get us hooked and going into them. If one way an opportunity expresses doesn’t capture something within us to give it a try, it will show up in another form.

The Gods Must Be Us is about possibilities, a lot of them. As I have written, as I have read and re-read many times, I’ve seen possibilities I didn’t see before. What are the possibilities that make a book that way?

It is said The Gods Must Be Us is about miracles. Whoever at Balboa Press made up the sub-title joined me in the inspiration quality of the book. When I saw When Fiction Becomes a Miracle I was astounded by the simple statement of truth. A window appeared I hadn’t seen before. I looked through it and saw possibilities. Then I saw the window was a door way with no obstruction to hinder me walking through. People who don’t walk through these doors call what happens with those who do walk through; miracles.