Are there people wealthier than the world’s governments who have no red tape to cut through nor bureaucracies to prevent them from doing exactly what they want? Could these people already have a plan in effect to preserve the best of mankind through all but the most destructive of doomsday scenarios? Could they be using a fleet of commercial aircraft to carry information, seeds, and supplies so whoever is riding on their planes will survive, re-populate humanity, and continue the best of mankind’s accomplishments?

The Gods Must Be Us follows a community of people who can and do live exactly the lives they want. Their “just-in-case” mankind preservation project uses seven Dreamliners, customized to their liking of course, as the most advanced of schools, as a means to jet between their communities scattered throughout the world, and to increase the chances mankind won’t be starting over the way history suggests it has happened multiple times before.

Plausible inventions are used to free the community of dependence on fossil fuels. Their prize invention is a machine that stops the torment of “stuff” we all encounter from the past that affects us at times and in ways we don’t welcome. They also neutralize the subliminal programming imposed on viewers of the media.

Where do I sign up?

Could it be the uber-wealthy will muse at the suggestions they’re doing such things and among themselves say “That’s nothing, if only they really knew.”

Perhaps The Gods Must Be Us gives creative people ideas to make real, if they’re not already happening cloaked in invisibility.