Equality is both an obvious theme and an underlying theme in The Gods Must Be Us. Power is found in coming together. Most of us have a sense of that. Mankind is a herd animal by nature. We love connection. With connections we thrive, without connection we struggle. When we loose connection, loosing loved ones, the pain of loss tears our well-being.

The very obvious un-equal power in the story line is played out with the main characters. In unconventional ways twin-flame soul-mates adapt to recognition of who they are to each other struggling with lifestyles, conditioning and programming that prevents them coming to what those who search for their perfect union want.

There are even more subtle evolutions of equality to be discovered through pondering how the characters arrive at the solution to the problem about to make their very survival unfortunate.

Core principles must become their way of life and dedicating themselves to living principles reconstructs the original picture of who we are.

In my own evolution I started by wanting, really wanting answers. I was tormented by answers that couldn’t hold up to scrutiny even though those who professed the answers were certain ¬†of their answer. I kept destroying answers through going deeper into them.

My life changed at a moment when I asked to know truth, not the truth of humans, but the truth of God, the God I had been taught because it was my starting point.

That was over 25 years ago. In many ways my path started with dismantling the truth I knew, the truth that I repeated like a parrot in a flock of parrots. It was threatening. Life wasn’t pretty for me and the connections I was dependent upon fell away, sometimes creating a lot of difficulty. My ivory towers were slowly disappearing from my skyline. I opposed Shiva destroying, and was sure “adding to” was the right way. I couldn’t see that I couldn’t build on premises of untruths.

In my evolution possibilities bring growth and I’ve come to know one thing about truth. Truth is in evolution. Now I don’t want to know THE TRUTH. I know that would be hell and the protection from that hell is evolution. The possibilities were a torment because I wanted something else.

Possibilities, all part of accepting wholeness of paradoxes has slowly been dissolving separation for me. And there waiting for me to know it, is equality.

Equality doesn’t exist if one, just one person of all of humanity isn’t treated with equal regard. It is a possibility we’re exploring and in evolution towards. There is a bigger reason for equality, the same bigger reason for love, the same bigger reason for integrity, the same bigger reason for the quest into knowing ourselves: we return, we remember, and we awaken from bewilderment considering all we’ve experienced in our evolution and realize The Gods Must Be Us.