Yesterday (21 Feb 15) Ingrid and Gerd joined Lark and I in the Las Vegas area doing what few would think someone visiting Las Vegas for the first time would do. We went to Red Rock Park and then to Mount Charleston for dinner in a stunning romantic setting I was surprised to find in Nevada.

The day before, Karen Marie Campbell owner of The Spirit Within U, commented about Lark. I told her how Lark and I typically are wherever we go together, engaging people, playing with humor and interest in the people we meet, and leaving people smiling with their energy boosted. I told Karen I have no idea how Lark is when I am not with her, because I’m not there to observe. Duh! And I admitted the sparkle she was observing in me isn’t as much, although I am known to be quite a character in my own right. It was suggested I might have a lot less sparkle without Lark. I didn’t argue.

As we were riding to Mt. Charleston, Ingrid may have given the neon-light flashing, celestial music accompanying clue to the mystery I’ve watched Lark struggling to solve.

I knew by the way Lark choked up in tears Ingrid had zeroed in for a direct hit. She told Lark “You are a heart opener.”

A heart opener. The one who is on the front line meeting people, engaging with them, and adding sparkle to the moment that activates something in them, opening hearts. Hasn’t she explored different ways she can love many? Hasn’t she mentioned over and over her NEED to be loving with many? How she sparkles when she draws people in to the work of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and as of late her fortunate husband. I watched her spending so much effort drawing people to guest presenters in our “Retreat Center on the Edge” home.

She prepares the way. I suspect her pay-off is opportunity to open hearts.

I’ve seen Lark presenting and teaching. I wanted to see her charming audiences with how she loves gifting information. I even tried to be the wind beneath her wings. Wasn’t quite the fit. Lately I’ve been experiencing something else: Lark being the wind beneath my wings. She’s good at it and the way it works, thank you Ingrid, is how she opens hearts. She doesn’t have to think about it; that would get in the way. She’s less than fulfilled when she isn’t engaging many in loving moments; loving because their hearts are more activated.

Lee Carroll and Kryon admonished me: “Take good care of our Lark.” There’s this illogical story of how Kryon keeps Lark in the loop. Today Karen Marie “little sister” Campbell, her Spirit Within U team, Ingrid, Gerd, and I will be dancing in joyful heart openings within Lark’s talent. Did I mention with Lee Carroll and Kryon?