The Gods Must Be Us isn’t a treatise to convince anyone of anything. The title is a suggestion that could read something like this: exploring godly qualities and trying to determine the source, evidence is pointing toward the gods being us. It is more of a question to be explored than an answer to be believed in.

The story line is simple and straightforward except that it moves in what is unfamiliar, where few go. The surprises are more about where it goes, how it goes, and that it isn’t where we go, the taboo places we’re not supposed to go. But in story form with somebody fictional in a place that doesn’t exist it is entertaining to vicariously go there. It is safe to go there when it isn’t real. Right?

The Gods Must Be Us isn’t safe. I found that out for myself. I was just writing some ideas, hypothetical ideas entertaining to consider. They could be right but probably not because they’re not how people are living. I love to explore what’s over the edge, talk about it, ponder it, and go back to sleep in life as it is, reality. But I was awakened from my literal sleep and challenged to come out of another sleep. In that awakening the source of knowing that had written something utterly surprising to me took another leap, the leap into taking care of something urgent, dangerous, and sure to cause a lot of loss of life and property, a tsunami, a really big one.

I say dangerous because writing this book has come from a place of my knowing I don’t know, yet in a state of meditation and flowing with what is behind the veil of reality as we believe it to be, is something more, something that defies our set beliefs about what life is and whispers in a roaring voice “holding to your un-truths keeps you from living in expanding, evolving, exploration of possibilities, truth that never arrives.”

Okay, my definition of Hell is having nothing new, nowhere to expand, no more possibilities, having arrived at the destination, the ultimate. I like the uneasy edge, the razor’s edge, of being between the past that is mostly illusion and the future full of possibilities that I am the creator of, creation that can easily be from my illusions perpetuating more illusions.

I wanted it to be so and I marvel it is turning out to be so. This book is dangerous. There is something in every person that engages differently. It is a struggle to get a consensus of what this book is about. For one it is a love story, a very unusual one. For another it is a manual for transformation. Most of my writing has been technical writing and yes, manuals for transformation. Fiction is a dance with song and freedom to express what isn’t but at the same time not far from is.

Yet is the book about a good idea for preserving our best heritage through possible calamities? Is this book about awakening knowing? Could it be that because I tapped into some level of knowing I don’t know from my head knowledge, it also vibrates with and gets something shaking and moving in readers that is like someone shaking us to get us to wake when we’ve gone to sleep at our desks at work?

In some ways I am incredibly patient and persistent. After all I am someone who says he’s going to write a book and have completed six of them. Yet I can hardly wait for readers to begin discussing, hopefully on this web-site too, what this book is for them and if they have leanings toward the possibilities the real gods, the gods that create anthropomorphic gods, the creator gods behind the celebrated gods, is us.

Please, readers, as a tribe lets start gathering around the central fire, telling our stories into the night, dancing into trance, and making love with life itself into the morning.